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While south Florida has many wonderful offerings such as miles and miles of gorgeous coastline, amusement parks, fine dining, five-star hotels, warm weather, beautiful golf courses, and numerous water-related recreational activities; the Sunshine State does have its bad points, too. Our Criminal Defense Lawyers understand that Drug-related crime in Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Fort Myers, and West Palm Beach and other south Florida locations is a huge problem in Florida for many reasons, one of which is south Florida’s proximity to international ports. Drug traffickers transport tons and tons of drugs to south Florida for distribution all over the United States.

No one sets out to get involved in drug use or drug distribution. No one sets the goal of becoming a drug dealer or drug abuser, but these things do happen. People make mistakes, use bad judgment, get involved with the wrong people, and the next thing you know, you are sitting in a jail cell charged with a drug-related criminal offense. The lure of “easy money” is a factor in the number of drug-related crimes we see in our region of the state. Tourists to Miami, Ft Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and other popular south Florida destinations often find themselves buying/selling the easily accessible drugs in this area. It’s understandable that you may have gotten caught up in something way out of your league.

The Miami criminal defense attorneys at South Florida’s branch of The Cochran Firm have defended countless residents of Florida (and tourists) who have been charged with drug-related felonies and misdemeanors. Our criminal defense lawyrs will aggressively defend the charges against you, and we will do everything in our power to preserve your career, reputation, and your freedom.

In the state of Florida, there are a variety of drug offenses that are prosecuted in state and federal court. Some of the criminal charges related to drugs are:

Illicit and Prescription Drug Use and Sale

Cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine and heroin are some of the most commonly used and sold drugs in the south Florida area - including Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Ft Myers, and West Palm Beach - according to South Florida High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) reports. The use and sale of prescription drugs is on the rise, also. Controlled prescription drugs (CPDs) such as Oxycontin, Percocet, Vicodin, Xanax, and Valium are very popular, and when users cannot get legitimate prescriptions, they will seek out the pills from dealers on the street.

Opiod users are even turning to heroin because the pain pills they have been taking for so long no longer provide the high they’re looking for. Even though violent crimes may not be as closely tied to CPDs as they are to heroin and cocaine, CPD use and distribution is a widespread problem in south Florida. If you have been arrested for possession or distribution of illicit drugs or CPDs in south Florida, our criminal defense attorneys can help.

Florida is known for its stiff penalties on drug-related crimes. In Miami, Ft Myers, West Palm Beach, Ft Lauderdale and other south Florida areas, drug offenses are aggressively prosecuted in the courts. Prosecutors are well aware of the residual crimes that occur due to the drug trade in south Florida. You need an experienced, aggressive, and reputable criminal defense lawyer on your side to fight for your freedom. When your freedom (your entire life) is on the line, you need defense attorneys who get results and who have a proven track record of acquittals. Our verdicts history speaks for itself. A conviction for a felony will also result in the loss of some of your basic civil rights such as the right to vote or hold public office. You could lose your career and your family. A felony conviction can ruin your life.

If you have been charged with a drug-related crime in Miami, Ft Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Fort Myers, or anywhere in south Florida, please contact the criminal defense lawyers at The Cochran Firm today to schedule a confidential consultation.